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Monday, January 20, 2019    |   9AM- 10AM    |    Tigard, OR

10330 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Tigard, OR 97223

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"The microbiome is the next frontier in medicine. understanding it and optimizing it is going to be critical to solving so many of our healthcare issues."

Mark Hyman, MD

Clevelend Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

Sam Barkat is an entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon with over 25 years of Martial Arts Experience, physical fitness, and mental discipline. 

Sam is a Certified Professional Electrical Engineer with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He works as a professional electrical engineer designing maintaining and operating the most complex electrical power systems for Oil & Gas and cutting edge Semi-conductor manufacturing industries.

Sam holds a black the Martial Art of Judo under Grandmaster Instructors Rene Leidelmeyer and Charlie Brown. He holds multiple regional, national, and international Judo victory titles. Sam teaches Judo and self-defense at Ojukan Judo Club in Portland, Oregon specializing in tournament style combat, mental growth, and discipline. Sam travelled the world learning nutritional techniques, healing secrets & remedies, and healthy living from ancient traditional eastern wisdom and from the top western functional medical doctors.

As a martial artist, Sam had the honor to train and study with some of the world’s best martial artists, health fitness masters, and coaches from across the globe,; from Japan, China, Korea, Russia, to Algeria, Germany, France, Brazil, and the Americas including training under world boxing champion Raul Marquez, As a coach, Sam trained students , from young kids to retirees as wel as several professional UFC fighters including, Jason Felton, Rocky Long, and Jason David Frank (The original green Power Ranger).

As a Health Healing Expert, Sam founded BARKAT HEALING LLC and helps entrepreneurs and companies turbo charge their business performance from inside-out through online coaching, by optimizing their health through a proven Healing DisciplineTM health transformation program resulting in weight loss, healing of chronic discomfort, optimizing state of mind, and boosting energy levels. 

Sam’s clients experience substantial improvement in their energy levels, weight loss, focus, and memory. Clients lose up to 40 lbs in 3 months, converting fatigue to energy, reversing chronic disease such high blood pressure, chronic headaches, pre-diabetes, sleep apnea, chronic inflammation, and more. Sam’s healing program helps empower and optimize the clients’ bodies and minds to their fullest potential to be the best possible version of themselves. Clients maintain the Healing DisciplineTM with ease resulting in optimized business performance and enhanced family engagement.

Sam partners with schools and local youth organizations developing the local community and bringing nutritional awareness and a unique perspective of mental discipline, health healing, and human development.

Sam's clients vary from local entrepreneurs to fortune 100 companies employees, who were able to successfully achieve their health goals, obtain mental clarity, level-up their business performance and LIVE HEALINGLY.


"If People Are Not Aware That They Can Heal Their Bodies, They Will Be Stuck In The Pharmaceutical Treatment Cycle For Life."

Sayer Ji

National Health Federation Advisory Board

Meet Ousama 'Sam' Barkat

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Health Healing Expert

Ousama 'Sam' Barkat

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Are you ready to change your health around, but wondering how to get started?

Are you tired of the shame-based diets & calorie counting that have never really worked, or wasting money in expensive gym memberships?

Did you know that a study from University of Colorado shows that 75% of Americans are on a diet, but 80% of the dieters gain more weight than when they started.

Are you sick of feeling guilty and stressed over expensive medications, or seeing a loved one suffer from chronic disease or being overweight?

However, now you've discovered that you need something more to get the health you want and deserve, to lose weight and even heal your chronic disease, or maybe you just want to look good in your favorite clothes, and feel attractive and confident so that you can start living happier, healthier, sleep better, and feel energetic regardless of your age.

Maybe you're wondering if it is even possible to heal your disease, lose all the weight, because doctors told you that it's "impossible".

You might be stuck jumping from diet to diet, or in that 50/50 place where you're putting half your time and energy in counting calories and other half in buying different health products, or maybe you've given up on your body completely,... no matter where you are, First Steps To Healing Live can help.


Learn the strategies, mindsets and cutting-edge insights you need to naturally heal chronic disease, lose weight, boost energy, sharpen your thinking and boost immune system when you discover how to live with your body in harmony, not against it.


"There are two way to be fooled, One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true."

Soren Kierkegaard

Philosopher, Theologian, Social Critic & Religious Author

Naturally Heal Chronic Disease, Lose Weight, Sharpen Your Thinking and Boost Immune System When you Discover The Healing Discipline

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Monday, Januray 20, 2019    |   9AM-10AM    |    Tigard, OR